Arkady Mitnik

Jazz Photographer

Having many years of practical experience in developing analogue film photos, I have managed to restore a full set of top quality dark room equipment. My laboratory, which is located at the southern part of Amsterdam, is providing the following services:

Development of B&W negative films

Printing photos up to 50 x 60 cm

Teaching and coaching the analogue technique

I was born in Russia, grew up in Ukraine, left my heart in Israel, and for more than twenty years live in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. My passion to the photography started from the magic of dad’s amateur darkroom laboratory. Old Russian enlarger, red lighting, film accessories and other aspects or printing and development, being combined with the old Russian FED camera made me love photography for the rest of my life.

Being a big fan of the Jazz Music, I almost found myself in a limbo – how to choose between two very different hobbies, or even life-styles: Jazz and Photography? This dilemma was solved from the very natural angle – I just combined these two into just one: Jazz Photography. Being armed with Practica SLR, and later - several Olympus SLRs, I managed to set photo laboratory in the heart of Ukrainian Jazz life – first Kiev Jazz Club.

Moving through cities and countries, I never forgot the essence of the spiritual life – combined passion of Jazz Photo. Festivals and clubs of Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, Germany, USA and many other countries and places, meeting new people, new musicians, listening to the new music, building and enjoying new impressions – all these element are very essential for my life and courage, and are reflected in my photos.

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